Forum Rules for every user

Forum Rules for every user. Please read before posting.
Forum rules
  • Zero tolerance on rudeness, insulting comment, harassment, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Moderator and Administrator decisions are final in these matters.
  • Inappropriate, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort, sexual, this includes simulated, abbreviated swearing and insinuated will not be tolerated. This is a family friendly forum. Moderators and Administrators have a final say in what is and isn't inappropriate.
  • Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Also, please refrain from posting spam.
  • Do not deliberately and/or maliciously spread false information.
  • Discussing the abuse or exploitation of service platform, payment, refund, rating or similar systems is strictly prohibited.
  • We do not remove posts or accounts on request.
  • Only report posts that you are sure violate forum rules or contain questionable content. Do not spam or overuse the report tool (what constitutes spam/overuse is up to interpretation of Moderators) as this distracts from the productivity of our Moderators and employees and can result in a ban.
  • We do not monitor private messages. Forum rules apply to private messages as well.
  • Always read rules before posting. Always post in the proper sub forums. Not doing so can result in your post being trashed, moved or closed.
  • Staff members and moderators may ban forum members without prior notice if they detect toxic behaviour.
  • You are responsible for abiding by Moderators and Admins warnings and infractions against you, within a thread or made via PM. Ignoring warnings and/or infractions given to yourself or other forum members can result in further infractions or a ban of your forum account. Remember, all mod and staff decisions are final.
  • You may not discuss publicly any (disciplinary) actions taken by staff, moderators or support such as banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts / threads etc. Also, posting publicly any private messages / emails, regardless of topic, you have received from either moderators or support is prohibited.
  • Do not create deliberately provocative or insincere posts, or use click-bait titles. Trolling is always prohibited.
    Old threads should not be resurrected without sufficient cause or significant new information.
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